I own and run this website by myself, as a way to share my collection of quotes and quips with others who may be interested. I started keeping a collection of quotes online as part of my personal blog several years ago, but as the collection has grown I decided to indulge it with its very own website.


This is a labour of love for me; I work on this site entirely in my free time, and as such I make no claims about the completeness or accuracy of anything you may find here. Having said that, I do try my best to use quotes taken from reliable sources and to double check details like exactly who said what!

If you have any suggestions for quotes which I could include on this site, or if you’ve found any errors, please contact me and let me know – although I reserve the right to not correct any “errors” which I can’t verify with an external source, and to not include any quotes which I personally dislike.

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